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At Villanova University, we believe students should not experience harm or intimidation while pursuing involvement in campus life.   If your student discloses a hazing incident they experienced, or you suspect hazing has occurred, please discuss the importance of sharing this information with the university.

Reporting hazing is not about getting students or their friends in trouble.  It is about keeping students and the people they care about safe.

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As bystanders, we all have a choice
: do nothing, do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening, or do something to make the situation worse. We are all called, as Villanovans, to do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening. There are many ways to intervene.

We know that:

  • Most problems begin in group settings where we are less likely to intervene.
  • Friends are usually in a better position to do something.
  • You will be in a situation in which you can help in the future.
  • We all have a responsibility to look out for one another.

To learn more, attend a Bystander InterventionTraining offered at Villanova.


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 how to report a hazing incident.

All members of the Villanova community serve as active bystanders to create a community without hazing. Being an active bystander means becoming educated about what hazing is and the detrimental effects it has on those being hazed. Being an active bystander also means knowing how to report hazing, supporting students who may have been hazed and educating members of the campus community who may still believe hazing is acceptable.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, 610-519-7280.


The Club Sports Program at Villanova University is committed to providing the university community opportunities for participation in a wide variety of athletic and recreational activities. Our club teams aim to enhance the overall university experience through the creation of an environment where students unite in diverse groups to achieve common goals and objectives. The philosophy of the Club Sports Program is to support the best elements of competition, instruction and recreation by providing the opportunity for all students to participate and excel in a team setting through the development of the total individual: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, socially, and physically.

Club Sports are student-initiated and student managed. Club members are actively involved in determining the objectives and procedures of their club.  The organizational and decision-making duties of each club are the responsibility of the members and their officers.  Successful and thriving clubs are those with active members and dedicated officers and leaders that show dignity and respect to all members.


To foster the goal of developing the total person, Villanova offers over 250 student clubs and organizations. These include the Campus Activities Team, Special Olympics, the Student Government Association, academic organizations, sports and recreational organizations, service organizations, multicultural organizations, honor societies, political organizations, professional societies, media organizations, Peace and Justice organizations, Campus Ministry organizations, Rays of Sunshine (weekly service) and Music Activities. The list seems endless, and there is definitely something for everyone.

Being active in the community outside of the classroom gives students the opportunity to learn valuable communication, time-management and leadership skills. Participating in welcoming co-curricular activities is a great way to get to know fellow students.

Sorority Wall

Fraternities and sororities thrive at Villanova, with missions that seek to evoke leadership qualities in members through engagement in academic, service, philanthropic, and social initiatives.The Fraternity and Sorority community at Villanova University has grown tremendously over the last century. Today, it consists of nearly 2,000 students in eight Interfraternity Council fraternities, nine Panhellenic Council sororities and nine Multicultural Greek Council organizations, all with inter/national affiliations.

Hazing, in any form, is strictly prohibited by Villanova University, the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Greek Councils, and the local and inter/national offices of each recognized organization. New and active members should not tolerate such behavior, as it does not promote relationship-building and trust, and rather serves to break down morale and the notion of community upon which Villanova University was founded.

Division I Athletics

Villanova Athletics supports over 600 Division I student-athletes across 24 programs. As Villanova Wildcats, we strive to build our foundation upon our core values: Veritas, Unitas and Caritas. To that end, our top priorities as a department include: graduating complete student-athletes; upholding our tradition of excellence in academics and athletics; and committing to live with integrity and character. We are a community where each of us strengthens all of us. Our students, staff and coaches come from all over the world to wear the blue and white and to compete with a relentless spirit and passion.

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Click here for non-emergency reporting. 

In the case of an emergency situation:

  • Call 911 if off-campus
  • Call Villanova Public Safety at 610-519-4444 if on-campus